Habranthus tubispathus AGM

Habranthus tubispathus AGM


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This autumn flowering bulb comes from South America with is superb orange flowers and half hardiness, this is great for a sheltered position or in your cold greenhouse/alpine house.

Height 15cm

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Rain lily with vibrant yellow-orange flowers.

These rain lilies are named due to their nature of firing up flowers as soon as the heat of summer turns to September rain. They start firing up flowers in quick succession and flower in to October. With 15cm stems the flowers stand high above the fine foliage and make for a great show. These have been said to not be hardy although we disagree as we have been growing them out side in alpine containers for the last 12 years so they passed our test just requiring a free draining substrate in a sunny spot.

Flowering: Late Summer

Hardiness: Hardy – if in free draining soil

Height: 15cm

Spread: 10cm

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