Thank you for choosing our small family run nursery for your next planting project. We pride ourselves on the quality plants we grow and deliver. Whilst trading for 30 years we have grown and tested tens of thousands of plants in our gardens. By doing this we have concluded that by selling our plants in 9cm pots you benefit from the best stage of planting. At this 9cm size you get a mature plant that is strong enough to take a beating from all nature can throw at it, whilst being young enough to want to vigorously grow to maturity in your garden. Our plants are packed with this knowledge and so when buying from us no matter what the season or weather you are assured of quality. We grow all our plants on site with the final stages outside on open beds so that they are hardened to the season you buy them in.

Making sure they arrive in the same quality as they left us we now pack them in our custom designed packaging. The plants come in a recyclable pot with recyclable label and everything else is compostable. We wrap each plant pot in 100% compostable clingfilm and 100% compostable Sellotape tape. The box is made from sustainable sources and sealed with a paper tape. We then pack this all together on the day of dispatch, which is generally the Wednesday of the following week and send it overnight DPD next day service. By doing this we ensure the plants remain in the same condition as they were sitting on the outside bed on the day before delivery.

You might think, why do we send out our plants the following week and not constantly?  The answer is simple, we grow all our own plants, all 800+ of them. Our time is split with growing and delivering quality. We spend a Monday picking the orders up from the previous week, a Tuesday prepping and sorting these into individual orders whilst quality checking. Finally on the Wednesday we pack all these up and send them on there merry journey to you. The rest of the week is back to growing and making sure we keep the plants we have healthy for the next order. Being small we are flexible though and so if you have a last minute project or celebration please do ask as we will try to get your plants to you sooner if possible. There are some times when, even with our best efforts, we cannot keep up with demand, but we will let you know if there is going to be a short delay in your order and will always keep you informed.

Please see below some images of our sales plants in 9cm pots.

Did You Know?

D’arcy & Everest was created in 1992.  The family started D&E as a sister company to their wholesale plant nursery. This nursery was established in the 1970’s. One of their ambitions was to display in the Grand Pavilion of RHS Chelsea flower show. At the time, as wholesalers they were not able to compete and so D’Arcy & Everest was created to allow them to display their alpine plant range in a large rock garden. Since then D&E has grown and evolved into what it is today. The wholesale nursery was closed in the late 1990’s.

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