Winter jobs

Winter is definetly on its way and the pots of plants are frozen, making it impossible to do much now as we grow our plants naturally and so they have to take whatever the weather throws at them.

So now it is time for a tidy up and some maintenance work.  This has involved so far in having a JCB in and removing one of the banks outside the nursery gateway to make it easieer for customers to find us. But oh what a lot of soil! We waste nothing on the nursery so this in turn is being shaped into a rockery with a wall shaped into one part of it. Although the soil is clay (makes you several inches taller in seconds) the roots of the trees and bushes on the bank have broken the soil down nicely which will be excellent for when we come to plant up next Spring.

There will be plenty to see when you visit the nursery next year when we open again in March.


Well that’s one job finished!




Remember we are open now….. but by appointment only


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