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Dianthus cruentus

Tall erect stems bearing deep red flowers. This variety pairs well with Saxifraga monarch which side by side give a great contrast of pure white and deep red flowers. With sturdy stems reaching up to 50cm this is a great … Continue reading

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Dianthus pinifolius

Rich red tiny cluster flower heads. small mound forming dianthus with stems of rich red flowers in summer. This is a great addition to the smaller rock garden or container. If D’ cruentus is too large for your area this … Continue reading

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Saxifraga Monarch AGM

Large rosettes with long stems of white flowers. This is the largest Saxifraga we do both on crown size and flowering height. Mature crowns if unobstructed can get to 12cm across with flowering height of 50-60cm. Although once established and … Continue reading

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